Anti-Racism Classroom

Carm's AntiRacism Classroom

Carm’s Anti-Racism Classroom is a space dedicated to helping white folks understand their hand in the oppression of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people (BBIPoC).

Hosted by educator, scholar, and activist, Julia Feliz, the course is self-study with guidance depending on your needs.

The stories are freely available on Julia’s Medium and include discussion questions.

If you’d like to go further, then you have the following tier options PER story:

FREE – Completely self-guided

$50 – Self-guided, group access, and one live discussion PER week with Julia to answer any questions

$75 – All the above PLUS a 32-page Workbook

$100 – All the above (inc. workbook) PLUS Bonus discussions with Julia and others in the course.

Screenshot_2020-06-12 Copy of TEMPLATE The Ultimate Workbook Template BIZSISTER COM 2020

Each workbook/story will have a 2 week completion time.
If you’d like to purchase the workbook at a later time or add more discussion sessions, you can do so at any time.

Following that, the next Story course will commence on the Monday.

For those already signed up, you’ll receive a larger discount if you sign up for more than one story. Each one will have the same format and its own workbook.

Email/PayPal – jd.feliz AT gmail DOT com to sign up and unlock the group or book private sessions.


Carm & the Stockboi

Carm & the Protest

Carm & the Interview

(more being announced soon!)