Articles by Julia Feliz

An Intro to Consistent Anti-Oppression: VoC Conference
Medium, September 2018

Racialized Speciesism?
Medium, August 2018

Someone Else’s (Vegan) Shoes
Vegan Feminist Network, April 2018

Spreading Veganism Further than Ever Before?
Vegan Life, March 2018

An Effective Veganism Must Be Consistently Anti-Oppression
Medium, February 15, 2018

Time for Veganism to Put in the Work towards Consistent Anti-Oppression
Vegan Sustainability, November 2017

Embracing an Inclusive, Anti-Oppressive Feminism
Lover, October 25, 2017


Radio and Podcast Segments

Featuring Julia Feliz

Bearded Vegans, Episode 122
March 7, 2018

Our Hen House, Episode 415
December 23, 2017

Our Hen House, Episode 402
September 23, 2017

ARZone, Total Liberation Interviews
August 13, 2017

Which Side, Episode 233
August 4, 2017

Easy Vegan with J.L. Fields, Episode 90
July 2017

Main Street Vegan
March 22, 2017

It’s All about Food
December 13, 2016


Book Reviews

Veganism in an Oppressive World:

Anuj Sharma, TOFU Magazine
February 27, 2018

Dr. Meneka Repka, Earthling Liberation Kollective (ELK)
January 9, 2018

Baby & Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide:

Robin Raven, Plant-Based News
July 24, 2017



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