Julia Feliz Brueck is the founder of Sanctuary Publishers, a unique vegan book publisher dedicated to raising the voices of nonhumans and other marginalized communities. She also runs Veganism of Color, a resource that aims to inspire communities of color to embrace consistent anti-oppression by including nonhuman animals in their fight for justice.

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Julia is also the author and illustrator of the first ever vegan-themed board book for babies and toddlers, Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary, which was published in 2016.

In Spring of 2017, Julia published her second book, the Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide, which became the first evidence-based, dietician approved guide written by a scientist and vegan parent to help other parents raise their little vegans safely and simply. The book is a supportive resource and tool to help parents break down myths about plant-based eating and help arm themselves with the most up-to-date information.

Julia’s third book, Veganism in an Oppressive World, was Sanctuary Publisher’s second book and published in Fall of 2017, A community book project edited by Julia, the book is a collection of perspectives, essays, poems, reflections, and more with an aim of guiding the mainstream vegan movement towards one that is inclusive, consistently anti-oppression, and effective on behalf of nonhuman animals.

Julia has also been published as a writer and artists within various magazines and newspapers. Her work has also been featured on radio programs and podcasts.

Julia has been an ethical vegan since 2008. She has always been passionate about nonhuman animals (her favorite to illustrate!) and hopes to continue to use her abilities to give them a voice and spread compassion and justice towards them, as well as to help raise the voices of people of color and all other oppressed and marginalized groups.

Because of this, Julia plans to continue expanding her work and reach as an author, illustrator, and publisher.